1. Etudes De Rien
    The New Blockaders

  2. How To Do Things With Words
    Territorial Gobbing

  3. Histoire de l’Art
    Harold Schellinx

  4. To All My Hideous Children
    Alice Kemp

  5. Creased Neurals
    Constance / Nyoukis

  6. I Know Nobody Asked For It But Still
    Grisha Shakhnes

  7. Freie Kassettenkultur
    Girls On Tape

  8. Glimpses of a Day
    Alessandra Novaga & Stefano Pilia

  9. Late April
    Costis Drygianakis & Matt Atkins

  10. A "Therefore" Between Two Non-Sequiturs
    Fleshtone Aura

  11. Music 4 Strings, Sintetizador, Una Flauta, Agua y Electrónika
    Bardo Todol

  12. Ververbüntede
    Michael Barthel

  13. Sofia Says
    Gaël Segalen

  14. Hypnos
    Savvas Metaxas

  15. Accelerant
    Sick Llama

  16. Noncanonical Gospels From The Cult Of The Immortal Tapir
    Bren't Lewiis Ensemble

  17. Sacred Path
    Georgios Karamanolakis

  18. Some Chains Have No Boundaries
    Coma Berenices

  19. Substunce Sans Scrupule
    Jean-Marc Foussat / Georgios Karamanolakis

  20. Concept Bongo
    Anla Courtis

  21. Smoke / An Ally
    Dead Gum

  22. Zagtel Jaar Mileit / Pulse/Phases
    Ghone / Modelbau

  23. London Taximi
    Mike Cooper & Tasos Stamou

  24. Convicted Felon Adjusted For Inflation
    Glands Of External Secretion

  25. Crease
    Danae Stefanou & Michalis Moschoutis

  26. Fecova
    Colin Potter

  27. Wondrous Intermission
    Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

  28. Early Piano Works Volume 2: The American Recitals
    Rinus Van Alebeek

  29. Infinity Machine
    Sindre Bjerga

  30. Split
    Evil Moisture / Thorivos

  31. Western Rituals

  32. Fustian Cutting
    Phil Julian / Kostis Kilymis

  33. Tour de Force

  34. Twice Heathen Scent
    Olivier di Placido & Crank Sturgeon

  35. Glasgow
    Ashtray Navigations

  36. Genital Hospital
    Andrew Coltrane

  37. Encrusted Horse Sockets
    Zebra Mu

  38. After All This Time
    Tanner Garza


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